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Tips for choosing Wedding Invitations

Tips for choosing Wedding Invitations
June 21, 2017 admin
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  1. Reflect Your Wedding Style. Pick a theme and be sure your wedding invitations convey that theme. You want them to match the wedding’s theme, even if it is just wedding colors. You can completely match the theme to your wedding or just use colors or a similar look instead.
  2. Pick your font and colors wisely. It is a great idea to incorporate your wedding colors into the invitation if you have them already and take the time to consider the wording. Be sure you choose wording that helps to convey who is hosting the event.
  3. Choose invitations by the package. That way, they will cover not only the actual invite paper, but also the envelopes, response messages and each of the other parts you need to send out. When you buy these as a set, you can often get matching items and get them for a lower price.
  4. Buy what you love. You should be proud of the invitation and what it stands for. The good news is that most can be very beautiful and convey what you are looking to say. It could be a message of love or of inspiration. Just make sure it is all about the both of you.





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  1. Gloria Durst 5 months ago

    I like how you say that you would want to consider the style of a wedding invitation and have it reflect your wedding. It would be good to find something that is going to match your style because that would give them a clue for how it is done. My brother is looking for wedding invitations for his wedding, so he’ll have to consider the style.

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